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Attention to both space and feature modulates neuronal responses in macaque area V4.

McAdams CJ, Maunsell JH J. Neurophysiol. 2000 Mar 83 3 1751-5

Effects of attention on the reliability of individual neurons in monkey visual cortex.

McAdams CJ, Maunsell JH Neuron 1999 Aug 23 4 765-73

Visual response latencies of magnocellular and parvocellular LGN neurons in macaque monkeys.

Maunsell JH, Ghose GM, Assad JA, McAdams CJ, Boudreau CE, Noerager BD Vis. Neurosci. 1999 Jan-Feb 16 1 1-14

Effects of attention on orientation-tuning functions of single neurons in macaque cortical area V4.

McAdams CJ, Maunsell JH J. Neurosci. 1999 Jan 19 1 431-41

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