Mason lab awarded major CPRIT grant

Mason lab awarded major research funding to examine and exploit hypoxia in cancer therapy

CPRIT announced new research grant awards; Mason lab to receive $895,820 to develop new methods for measuring tumor hypoxia. “Noninvasive Identification of Prostate Tumor Hypoxia as a Prognostic Biomarker of Radiation Response “  Mason noted “hypoxia is recognized as crucial factor in success of radiation therapy. The new method should allow us to identify tumor hypoxia and allow radiation dose to be tailored to the special characteristics of the prostate cancer”.

 In a second project the Mason lab will receive  a subcontract from colleagues Drs. Kevin Pinney and Mary Lynn Trawick at Baylor University to examine novel agents designed to overcome hypoxia in breast cancer. The Baylor team has designed unique hypoxia activated agents and the Mason lab will examine their efficacy in human breast tumor xenografts. The project  “Targeting Hypoxia in Breast Cancer with Highly Potent Small-Molecule Anticancer Prodrugs” builds on a highly productive and successful previous collaboration.