Research led by post doc Mo Yang receives Magna cum laude Merit Award at 2018 ISMRM

Research led by post doc Donghan "Mo" Yang was awarded Magna cum laude recognition at the 2018 ISMRM annual meeting being held in Paris, France June 16-21, 2018. Mo's submission is entitled: Assessing Tumor Hypoxia Based on Hypoxic Gas Breathing.



Donghan Yang, James Campbell III, Jenifer Gerberich, Heling Zhou, Ralph Mason

Tumor response to hypoxic gas breathing challenge was explored using oxygen-sensitive MRI in rat 13762NF breast tumors and compared with the more conventional hyperoxic gas breathing challenge. In viable tumor regions, blood oxygenation decreased with 16% O2breathing (demonstrated by an increase in R2*). A unique “on-and-off” pattern in T1-weighted signal intensity, which was closely related to tumor hypoxia level, was triggered by 16% O2 breathing but not 100% O2 breathing. When combined with hypoxic gas breathing, oxygen-sensitive MRI may reveal tumor hypoxia threshold, which is important for assessing the efficacy of hypoxia-activated prodrugs.