Completed Grants

Grant No./
9/17-8/20 Evan Unger, MD 2R44CA144817-03 Randomized Prospective Phase II Clinical Trial of NVX-108 in Association with Chemoradiation
6/12-4/17 Ralph Mason, PhD RP120670-P3, CPRIT Effects of Hypoxia: Project 3 in Exploiting the Radiobiology of Sterotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
12/14-11/17 Kevin Pinney, Ph.D. (Baylor University)
Ralph Mason, PhD
RP 140399 CPRIT-IIRA; (Subcontract from Baylor University) Targeting Hypoxia in Breast Cancer with Highly Potent Small-Molecule Anticancer Prodrugs
8/14-8/17 Ralph Mason, PhD RP140285, CPRIT Noninvasive Identification of Prostate Tumor Hypoxia as a Prognostic Biomarker of Radiation Response
6/11-4/16 Ralph Mason, PhD RP110441-C1, CPRIT C1: In Vivo Imaging Core
8/10-7/15 James K.V. Willson, M.D. P30 CA142543-01, NIH/NCI Cancer Center Support Grant
6/10-3/15 Kevin G. Pinney, Ph.D. (Baylor University);
Ralph Mason, PhD
1 R01 CA140674-01, NIH/NCI; Subcontract with Baylor Discovery and development of improved chemotherapeutic agents with enhanced selectivity for the tumor microenvironment
1/10-12/14 Ralph Mason, PhD R01 CA139043-01A1, NIH/NCI Hypoxia and radiotherapy: Evaluation and mitigation in tumors
4/07-3/13 Ralph Mason, PhD U24CA126608A – SAIRP, NIH/NCI UT Southwestern Small Animal Imaging Resource
8/09-7/12 Jian Yang, Ph.D.
(UT Arlington)
Ralph Mason, PhD
R21 EB009795-01, NIH/NIBIB;
(Subcontract with UT Arlington)
Enabling aliphatic biodegradable photoluminescent polymeric biomaterials
5/08-5/11 Robert Timmerman, M.D. PC074348, USDOD Stereotactic body radiation therapy for underserved populations of men with low- and intermediate-risk prostate cancer.
4/09-3/11 Philip Thorpe, Ph.D. PC081501, USDOD Targeting phosphatidylserine to improve hormone therapy of prostate cancer
3/09-2/11 Vikram D. Kodibagkar, Ph.D. 1R21 CA132096-01A1; NIH, NCI 1H MRI based nanosensors for imaging tumor oxygenation
4/07-11/10 Ralph Mason, PhD 1R21CA120774-01A1, NIH/NCI MAGIC – Magnetic Resonance Assessment of Gene Imaging Constructs
4/06-6/10 Ralph Mason, PhD BC051255 – W81XWH-06-1-0475, DOD Breast Cancer Initiative: IDEA Development Award (no cost extension) Breast tumor detection and treatment using Tarvacin labeled with arsenic radionuclides
5/09-4/10 Ralph Mason, PhD 1S10RR02564801, ARRA-NIH Small Animal Ultrasound System (VisualSonics Vevo 770)
8/07-2/10 Ralph Mason, PhD 081-07, The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation Predicting treatment response for cervical cancer: Non-invasive assessment using bold MRI
9/05-12/09 Ralph Mason, PhD PC050766 – W81XWH-06-1-0149, DOD Prostate Cancer Initiative: IDEA Development Award (IDA) Vatuximab™: Optimizing therapeutic strategies for prostate cancer based on dynamic MR tumor oximetry
9/07-9/08 Ralph Mason, PhD 1S10RR024757-01, NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant Small animal bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging system (with 3D capability)
3/99-2/04 Ralph Mason, PhD NIH 1R01 CA79515 MR Measurement of tumor pH, pO2 and vascularity in vivo
5/01 – 4/04 Ralph Mason, PhD 1P20 CA086354 NCI in vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center (Pre-ICMIC)
10/99 – 9/02 Ralph Mason, PhD DOD Breast Cancer Initiative BC980020 DAMD17-99-1-9381 Breast tumor pH: design evaluation and application of novel reporter molecules
2000 – 2003 Dr. Li Liu DOD BRCA IDEA grant  BC990287 Non-invasive monitoring of breast tumor oxygenation: A key to tumor therapy planning and tumor prognosis
3/00-2/03 Dr. Abbott; Mentor: Ralph Mason, PhD DOD Breast Cancer Initiative Predoctoral fellowship BC990911 An Investigation of Breast Tumor Vasculature using Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
  Ralph Mason, PhD 5-P41-RR02584 99-02 NIH Biotechnology Research Technology program: service projects
5/01 – 4-03 PI: Dawen Zhao, MD PhD; Mentor: Ralph Mason, PhD    Correlation of tumor oxygenation and angiogenesis: implications for therapy
9/89 – 8/90 Ralph Mason, PhD Institutional Research Grant from UT Southwestern A non-invasive determination of oxygen tension in vivo: the use of 19F NMR spectroscopy to observe sequestered Fluosol-DA in the perfused heart
7/90 – 6/92 Ralph Mason, PhD American Heart Association (TX Affiliate) 90G-079 A non-invasive assessment of myocardial oxygen tension
10/91 – 9/92 Ralph Mason, PhD American Cancer Society Grant IN-142: administered by UTSW Glutathione: non-invasive determination in the growing tumor
1/92 – 12/92 Ralph Mason, PhD Access Pharmaceuticals Inc. Unrestricted gift for Research & Development in MRI
7/92 – 6/93 Ralph Mason, PhD Alliance Pharmaceutical Corporation Optimal exploitation of Oxygent to measure pO2 and temperature in vivo at 4.7 Tesla
7/93 – 6/96 Ralph Mason, PhD American Heart Association (TX Affiliate): 93G-082, Lyndon Baines Johnson Prize Awardee A novel approach to measuring local myocardial oxygen tension
1/94 – 12/94 Ralph Mason, PhD Cambridge Isotopes Limited Prostate cancer: diagnosis using 1H DQCT and 13C NMR of citrate
7/96 – 10/96 Ralph Mason, PhD National Osteoporosis Foundation: student fellowship Bone structure/function relationship by MR microscopy and ultrasound elastometry
7/94 – 1/98 Ralph Mason, PhD The Whitaker Foundation Innovative approaches to tissue oximetry: 19F NMR of perfluorocarbons
4/98 – 3/99 Ralph Mason, PhD The Whitaker Foundation Integrated Tissue Physiology by NMR
7/97-6/01 Ralph Mason, PhD American Cancer Society: RPG-97-116-010CCE Tumor Oximetry: mapping oxygenation dynamics by 19F magnetic resonance
10/97 – 6/01 PI: Yulin Song PhD Mentor: Ralph Mason, PhD Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program: BC962357, DAMD17-97-1-7261
Student doctoral fellowship 1996
Non-invasive determination of breast cancer oxygen tension by F-19 NMR and Breast Cancer physiology in response to radiotherapy