Ph.D. candidate position:

We have openings for PhD. candidates to work towards their doctoral degree. Please contact Dr. Ram Mani for lab rotation enquiries.

Postdoctoral position:

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a background in cancer biology, epigenetics, chromatin biology, DNA repair and/or genomics. Our research focus is in the area of cancer epigenetics and genomics. We are interested in understanding the epigenetic signatures of prostate cancer development with an emphasis on mechanisms of treatment resistance. We are also interested in studying the molecules and pathways underlying the formation of genomic rearrangements in cancer, with a major focus on ETS gene fusions. We employ state of art molecular biology and cell biology tools, next-generation sequencing methods like ChIP-Seq, custom capture sequencing in addition to in vivo experiments to address these scientific questions.

Applicants should hold a PhD and/or MD degree and have a strong publication record. Experience with bioinformatics is a plus. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, description of research accomplishment and names of three references to: Dr. Ram Mani