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Thank you for your interest in our research!

We are accepting rotation students through Integrative Biology (IB) and Neuroscience Graduate Training Programs 

Applicants for an assistant, associate, or postdoctoral position are welcome to send inquiries by email.

Mentoring statement

I benefited tremendously from two supportive mentors who are both deemed as “hands-off” PIs. I rely on the same principle to train my students and postdocs, providing them with resources to explore and discover while offering assistance whenever necessary. That said, I have some thoughts /expectations for prospective students/postdocs who are interested in joining our group.

First, the foremost skill I expect a graduate student to acquire during Ph.D. training is the ability of critical thinking. In my opinion, it outweighs other lab skills and will have an enduring impact on life beyond graduate studies. Second, I encourage my students to take upon the challenge to learn new techniques and make original discoveries. Scientific research is by no means easy and often requires hard work, perseverance, and sometimes luck. Consider it as a practice for bigger challenges later in life. Only this time, you have the support of the whole lab. Finally, students need to graduate on time! Graduate training is only the very first step for a long career. Don’t get trapped there for too long.

For postdoctoral trainees, I expect you already have the knowledge and skills to design and carry out individual experiments. It is a time to polish other skillsets to become an independent researcher. For example, I ask my trainees to participate in grant writing or write their own grants starting from the beginning. Moreover, I encourage them to seek every opportunity to present their research (WIPS, seminars, and meetings). What’s more, trainees in my lab travel to attend national/international meetings each year to build their professional networks. In my view, postdoc training is a journey to find a unique niche for future independent research. I will work with you to collect the necessary credentials (papers) and resources (fundings) to achieve this goal.