Publications for Wen-hong Li

Recent Publications

  1. Kim J, Okamoto H, Huang Z, Anguiano G, Chen S, Liu Q, Cavino K, Xin Y, Na E, Hamid R, Lee J, Zambrowicz B, Unger R, Murphy AJ, Xu Y, Yancopoulos GD, Li WH, Gromada J. Amino Acid Transporter Slc38a5 Controls Glucagon Receptor Inhibition-Induced Pancreatic α Cell Hyperplasia in Mice. Cell Metabolism. 2017; 25(6):1348-1361.e8. PubMed [journal] PMID: 28591637
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  4. Clavijo Jordan MV, Lo ST, Chen S, Preihs C, Chirayil S, Zhang S, Kapur P, Li WH, De Leon-Rodriguez LM, Lubag AJ, Rofsky NM, Sherry AD. Zinc-sensitive MRI contrast agent detects differential release of Zn(II) ions from the healthy vs. malignant mouse prostate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2016; 113(37):E5464-71. PubMed [journal] PMID: 27562169, PMCID: PMC5027418
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  6. Yang S, Li WH. Tracking Dynamic Gap Junctional Coupling in Live Cells by Local Photoactivation and Fluorescence Imaging. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.). 2016; 1437:181-91. PubMed [journal] PMID: 27207295
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  8. Li D, Huang Z, Chen S, Hu Z, Li WH. GLP-1 Receptor Mediated Targeting of a Fluorescent Zn(2+) Sensor to Beta Cell Surface for Imaging Insulin/Zn(2+) Release. Bioconjugate chemistry. 2015; 26(8):1443-50. PubMed [journal] PMID:26121325
  9. Li D, Liu L, Li WH. Genetic targeting of a small fluorescent zinc indicator to cell surface for monitoring zinc secretion. ACS chemical biology. 2015; 10(4):1054-63. NIHMSID: NIHMS679482 PubMed [journal] PMID: 25572404, PMCID:PMC4405262
  10. Optical Probes in Biology Li W. Zhang J, Mehta S, Schultz C, editors. Boca Ranton, Florida: CRC Press; 2015. Chapter 11, Fluorescent sensors for imaging zinc dynamics in biological fluids; p.291-316. My Bibliography [book]
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