Lab Photos

Lab Photos

Shino Murakami's Going Away Party, 2018

Anusha and Shino and Shino's going away party
Shino's Going away party
Shino's Going away party
Shino's Going away party

Bench Work, 2018

Sridevi at her bench
Tech bench 2018

Shrikanth's Last Day, 2017

Shrikanth's Last Day Dinner

Dr. Kraus' 50th Birthday, 2017

Kraus' 50th Birthday photo board gift
Kraus' 50th Birthday Cake
Group Photo of Dr. Kraus' 50th Birthday

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory "Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Transcription" Meeting, 2017


Halloween, 2016

2016 Halloween
Green Center Faculty, Halloween 2016

GRO-Seq Workshop, 2015

Gro-seq Workshop

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory "The PARP Family and ADP-ribosylation" Meeting, 2014

CSHL Parp Conference 2014
Rebecca Gupte and Keun at the CSHL Park Conference 2014

Kraus Lab Moving from Cornell to UTSW, 2010

Group photo of the Kraus Lab moving labs
Two Kraus Lab Member's helping move the Kraus Lab to a new Lab

Kraus Lab BBQ Gathering, 2009

2009 Lab BBQ Gathering
2009 Lab BBQ
2009 Lab BBQ

Kraus Lab at Cornell, circa 2002-2004

Kraus Lab at Cornell University
Kraus Graduates at Cornell University

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