Research Interests

Our research interests are focused on physiological properties of central presynaptic terminals. Dr. Ege T. Kavalali's laboratory uses electrical and optical recording techniques to investigate the mechanisms that govern synaptic vesicle recycling. He also studies the role of neuronal activity in regulation of spatial organization and maturation of individual synaptic terminals.


As an undergraduate Dr. Kavalali studied electrical engineering at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1995, he completed his Ph.D. in Rutgers University where he worked with Dr. Mark Plummer.

He joined the Department of Neuroscience in September 1999, following completion of his postdoctoral studies with Dr. Richard W. Tsien in Stanford University at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology.

Past Lab Staff

Catherine Wasser, Ph.D.: catherinewasser@utsouthwestern.edu
Deniz Atasoy, Ph.D.: denizatasoy79@gmail.com
Manjot Bal, Ph.D. Manjot.Bal@phhs.org
Felipe Espinosa-Becerra, D.V.M., Ph.D.: felipe.espinosa-becerra@utsouthwestern.edu
Ferenc Deak, M.D., Ph.D.: Ferenc-Deak@ouhsc.edu
Marina Mozhayeva, Ph.D. : mmozhayeva@hotmail.com
Mert Ertunc, M.D., Ph.D.: ertunc@hacettepe.edu.tr
Tuhin Virmani, Ph.D.: tuhin.virmani@gmail.com
Yildirim Sara, M.D., Ph.D.: ysara@hacettepe.edu.tr
Mikhail Khvotchev, Ph.D.: khvochtchevm@neurology.ucsf.edu
Jesica Raingo, Ph.D.: jraingo@gmail.com
Denise Ramirez, Ph.D.: denise.ramirez@utsouthwestern.edu
Pei Liu, Ph.D.: pei.liu@utsouthwestern.edu
Jeremy Leitz, Ph.D.: leitzj@gmail.com
Austin Reese, Ph.D.: austinlreese@gmail.com
Ying Li, Ph.D.: ying.li@utsouthwestern.edu
Brent Trauterman: brenttrauterman@gmail.com