Role of inter-receptor interactions in transmembrane signal transduction

VEGF and Thromsbospondin-1 signaling and cross-talk

We seek to understand the role that inter-receptor interactions play in regulating receptor function. We are particularly interested in studying receptors in endothelial cells regulating angiogenic signaling (the sprouting of new blood vessels from the existing vasculature), starting with VEGFR2 (a receptor tyrosine kinase), CD36 (a scavenger receptor) and β1-integrin (an adhesion receptor) (see Figure).

We are using single-molecule, super-resolution and activity biosensor imaging, combined with computational image analysis and mathematical modeling. These approaches are uniquely suited to investigate membrane organization and receptor signaling as they possess the necessary spatiotemporal resolution with molecular specificity in live-cells, and the power to rigorously analyze inherently heterogeneous single-molecule and single-cell data.