Medical Image Processing and Analysis

Our group is dedicated in developing advanced image processing and analysis techniques, including the emerging deep-learning methods, for radiotherapy. Over the years, we have developed novel algorithms for high-quality low-dose computed tomography (CT), cone beam CT (CBCT), and 4-D CBCT reconstruction, pioneering the applications of graphical processing unit (GPU) in medical image processing.

Recently, we have successfully realized multi-energy CBCT (ME-CBCT) on a standard on-board imaging system, based on which an element-resolved ME-CBCT reconstruction framework has been put forward to directly derive elemental compositions and electron density in addition to the high-quality ME-CBCT images. We are in the process of applying ME-CBCT for advanced radiotherapy purposes, such as low-concentration contrast enhancement and stopping power ratio estimation for proton therapy.

Furthermore, we are actively integrating these imaging approaches to contribute to the development of next generation radiotherapy hardware in our Lab.



Recent publications:

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Funding support:

  1. “Precise image guidance for liver cancer stereotactic body radiotherapy using element-resolved motion-compensated cone beam CT,” NIH/NCI 1R01CA22728901, 03/2018 - 02/2023.
  2. “Explore random sampling for dose reduction and scatter removal in cone beam CT,” NIH/NIBIB 1R21EB021545-01A1, 06/2016 - 05/2019.
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