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Optimal energy selection for proton stopping-power-ratio estimation using dual-energy CT-based monoenergetic imaging.

Je E, Lee HH, Duan X, Li B, Jia X, Yang M, Phys Med Biol 2019 Aug

Comparison of three undersampling approaches in computed tomography reconstruction.

Shen C, Lou Y, Chen L, Zeng T, Ng MK, Zhu L, Jia X, Quant Imaging Med Surg 2019 Jul 9 7 1229-1241

Deep-learning-assisted automatic digitization of applicators in 3D CT image-based high-dose-rate brachytherapy of gynecological cancer.

Jung H, Gonzalez Y, Shen C, Klages P, Albuquerque K, Jia X, Brachytherapy 2019 Jul

Dosimetric evaluation of 4D-CBCT reconstructed by Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction (SMEIR) for carbon ion therapy of lung cancer.

Shrestha D, Tsai MY, Qin N, Zhang Y, Jia X, Wang J, Med Phys 2019 Jul

SPARE: Sparse-view reconstruction challenge for 4D cone-beam CT from a 1-min scan.

Shieh CC, Gonzalez Y, Li B, Jia X, Rit S, Mory C, Riblett M, Hugo G, Zhang Y, Jiang Z, Liu X, Ren L, Keall P, Med Phys 2019 Jun

Intelligent inverse treatment planning via deep reinforcement learning, a proof-of-principle study in high dose-rate brachytherapy for cervical cancer.

Shen C, Gonzalez Y, Klages P, Qin N, Jung H, Chen L, Nguyen D, Jiang SB, Jia X, Phys Med Biol 2019 Apr

Metropolis Monte Carlo simulation scheme for fast scattered X-ray photon calculation in CT.

Xu Y, Chen Y, Tian Z, Jia X, Zhou L Opt Express 2019 Jan 27 2 1262-1275

A New Standard DNA Damage (SDD) Data Format.

Schuemann J, McNamara AL, Warmenhoven JW, Henthorn NT, Kirkby KJ, Merchant MJ, Ingram S, Paganetti H, Held KD, Ramos-Mendez J, Faddegon B, Perl J, Goodhead DT, Plante I, Rabus H, Nettelbeck H, Friedland W, Kundrát P, Ottolenghi A, Baiocco G, Barbieri S, Dingfelder M, Incerti S, Villagrasa C, Bueno M, Bernal MA, Guatelli S, Sakata D, Brown JMC, Francis Z, Kyriakou I, Lampe N, Ballarini F, Carante MP, Davídková M, Štepán V, Jia X, Cucinotta FA, Schulte R, Stewart RD, Carlson DJ, Galer S, Kuncic Z, Lacombe S, Milligan J, Cho SH, Sawakuchi G, Inaniwa T, Sato T, Li W, Solov'yov AV, Surdutovich E, Durante M, Prise KM, McMahon SJ Radiat. Res. 2019 Jan 191 1 76-92

Systematic analysis of the impact of imaging noise on dual-energy CT-based proton stopping-power-ratio estimation

Heui Chang Lee, Bin Li, Xinhui Duan, Linghong Zhou, Xun Jia, Ming Yang Med Phys 2019 46 5 2251-2263

Three- Dimensional Radiotherapy Dose Prediction on Head and Neck Cancer Patients with a Hierarchically Densely Connected U-net Deep Learning Architecture

Dan Nguyen, Xun Jia, David Sher, Mu-Han Lin, Zohaib Iqbal, Hui Liu , Steve Jiang Phys Med Biol 2019 64 6 065020

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