June 2021

May 2021

  • Congratulations to Yesenia Gonzalez on her graduation from the PhD program! 

March 2021

  • Dr. Xun Jia was named a Distinguished Associate Editor for Medical Physics for 2021. Dr. Chenyang Shen was also named a Distinguished Referee for Medical Physics for 2021. Congrats to both of them for receiving this distinction! 
MedPhys Reviewer Badge

December 2020

  • Congratulations to Chao Wang for his recent publication in PMB, Simultaneous needle catheter selection and dwell time optimization for preplanning of high-dose-rate brachytherapy of prostate cancer. You can read the paper here.  
  • Welcome to our newest postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Yuting Peng!
  • Welcome to our newest Ph.D. graduate student Yin Gao! 
  • Dr. Xun Jia was featured in this month's CenterTimes over his CPRIT grant which will be used to develop a new MRI scanner for radiotherapy. Congrats! You can read the article here

November 2020

  • Youfang Lai recently had a paper accepted in PMB, Modeling the Effect of Oxygen on the Chemical Stage of Water Radiolysis using GPU-based Microscopic Monte Carlo Simulations, with an Application in FLASH Radiotherapy. Congrats! 
  • Congratulations to Chenyang Shen for his publication in PMB, On the robustness of deep learning based lung nodule classification for CT images with respect to image noise! You can read the paper here
  • Yesenia Gonzalez and Chenyang Shen recently had a paper, Semi-Automatic Sigmoid Colon Segmentation in CT for Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning via an Iterative 2.5-D Deep Learning Approach, accepted for publication in Medical Image Analysis. 

October 2020

  • Congratulations to Dr. Xun Jia who was recently awarded a grant from CPRIT! More details can be found here

September 2020

  • Congratulations to Youfang Lai for successfully completing his comprehensive examination!

August 2020

  • Welcome to our newest postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Milad Mostavi

June 2020

May 2020

  • Welcome to our newest postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Dmytro Kuksenko!
  • Congratulations to Youfang Lai, et al., for their work presented on the cover of this April's issue of Medical Physics! You can see the cover and paper published here

April 2020

February 2020

January 2020

  • Congratulations to Jace Grandinetti on passing his qualifying examination! 
  • Congratulations to Yesenia Gonzalez on receiving an F31 grant!

November 2019

  • Dr. Xun Jia presented an invited talk on "Artificial Intelligence and Radiation Therapy" at the annual Radiation Research Society in San Diego. Great job!
  • Congratulations to Chenyang Shen for his contribution to A Manifold Learning Regularization Approach to Enhance 3D CT Image-based Lung Nodule Classification, scheduled to appear in the International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery!
  • Great work to Dr. Xun Jia who traveled to the University of Houston to give a talk to the Department of Physics!
  • Congratulations to Chenyang Shen for his work in A method to reconstruct intra-fractional liver motion in rotational radiotherapy using linear fiducial markerspublished in Physics in Medicine and Biology!
  • Dr. Xun Jia recently traveled to Northern California to attend the regional AAPM Chapter Meeting.
  • Congratulations to Chenyang Shen for his work in Adaptive Sample-Level Graph Combination for Partial Multiview Clustering, scheduled to appear in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing!

October 2019

  • Good job to Yesenia Gonzalez for presenting her research at two conferences  2019 Annual Meetings for BMES and SACNAS!
  • Dr. Xun Jia recently traveled to Tsinghua University to give a talk to the Department of Biomedical Engineering regarding the use of AI in medicine!

September 2019

  • Chenyang Shen went to the 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting to present four research projects performed in our lab!
  • Congratulations to Hyunuk Jung on his 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting Travel Award!

August 2019

July 2019

June 2019 

  • Welcome to our new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Chao Wang!
  • Great work everyone on presentations at ICCR 2019 Meeting! We had over 5 oral presentations showcasing our work! 
  • Congratulations to Chenyang Shen for receiving the 2019 Best Paper Award from the North America Chinese Medical Physics Association for his paper: Intelligent Parameter Tuning in Optimization-Based Iterative CT Reconstruction via Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Drs. Kevin Albuquerque and Xun Jia presented at a GYN Workshop: Contouring Treatment Planning of the American Brachytherapy Society Annual Meeting. 

May 2019

April 2019

January 2019

  • Welcome to our new Ph.D. graduate student, Jace Grandinetti