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UTSW South Campus

UT Southwestern is an excellent, highly collaborative environment for basic and translational research, consisting of over 200 research laboratories. UT Southwestern is home to 4 active Nobel Laureates, 13 HHMI Investigators, and 22 National Academy Members. As evidence of the breadth of research experience and support at UT Southwestern, there are 39 different expert-run core facilities ranging from Bioinformatics to Whole Brain Microscopy – all readily accessible either within the same building where the Hulleman lab is located, or by a short, intercampus bus route which runs every 5 minutes.

Recently, UT Southwestern was ranked as the #1 hospital in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Furthermore, UT Southwestern was ranked #5 in the world in research that drives innovation

The facilities within in the Department of Ophthalmology are well equipped with state-of-the-art imaging, biochemical, and cell biology resources, all of which are integral for achieving our goals. The Department is collegial and has an active, monthly Visual Sciences Seminar Series as well as a more informal Works-In-Progress Series. Furthermore, the Department of Ophthalmology has an active clinical research practice that can facilitate potential clinical research studies in the future.