Lab News


June 2018: Mike speaks at 2018 FASEB Lipid Droplets conference in Steamboat, CO

June 2018: Post-Doc Hanaa Hariri is selected to speak at the 2018 FASEB Lipid Droplet Conference as a  "Top Trainee". Congrats!

June 2018: Mike speaks at 2018 Lysosomes & Endocytosis Gordon Research Conference

April 2018: our invited news-and-views article on stress-induced lipid droplet biogenesis is published in new journal CONTACT.

April 2018: Grad student Sean Rogers receives "Honorable Mention" for his NSF Fellowship. Congrats!

March 2018: our paper on SNX14 and its role in pediatric cerebellar ataxia is accepted for publication in Human Molecular Genetics!

March 2018: our MBoC highlights article of the ASCB Mini-symposium on Organelles in Metabolism & Stress responses is published in MBoC!

February 2018: congrats to Assistant Instructor Rupali Ugrankar for the acceptance of her paper in Communications Biology!

February 2018: Mike travels to UC Berkeley to speak on inter-organelle contacts and lipid droplet metabolism.

January 2018: Congrats to post-doc Hanaa Hariri for being a Finalist in the National 2018 iBIOLOGY Young Scientist Seminar Contest!


December 2017: We attend the 2017 ASCB Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. Hanaa presents a talk, Sanchari presents a poster, and Mike co-chairs the mini-symposium "Organelles in Metabolism & Stress Response"!

December 2017: The Henne lab chillin' at The Gaylord for our end-of-the-year lab outing!


October 2017: our paper "Lipid Droplet Biogenesis is Spatially Coordinated at Yeast ER-Vacuole Contact Sites..." is published at EMBO Reports! Congrats!

October 2017: Post-doc Hanaa Hariri gives talks on her work at the Biophysics Retreat & Cell Bio Retreat. She wins "Best Oral Presentation" at the Cell Bio Retreat and a $1,000 Travel Scholarship. Congrats!

October 2017: Mike presents work on lipid droplet dynamics and lifespan at the UT Dallas Biochemical Society BioResearch Conference.

October 2017: graduate student Sanchari Datta presents a talk at the annual CMB Graduate Program Retreat!

September 2017: Graduate student Natalie Ortiz joins the lab. Welcome to the team!

August 2017: the Henne lab goes to the Dallas Perot Museum for our annual field trip!



June 2017: Graduate student Sean Rogers joins lab and wins placement on Molecular Biophysics T32 grant! Congrats!

June 2017: Annual American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) meeting in Santa Barbara! Mike presents work on inter-organelle cross-talk and aging.

May 2017: Mike travels to Heidelberg Germany and gives talk on yeast ER-lysosome contact sites and lipid droplets at EMBL/EMBO Meeting!

April 2017: Mike presents research at Annual Searle Scholars Meeting in Chicago, IL!

March 2017: book chapter "Discovery and Roles of ER-endolysosomal Contact Sites in Disease" is published in Organelle Contact Sites: From Molecular Mechanism to Disease (Springer Publishers)


August 2016: Mike interviewed as an AFAR rep about recent work in UK linking obesity and brain aging (read WebMD article here, AFAR highlight)

July 2016: first annual Henne Lab Retreat to the Dallas Zoo! check out our pic by the cheetah!

June 2016: Mike receives a Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (MIRA) from the NIH NIGMS

June 2016: Mike presents at the 2016 Lysosomes Gordon Research Conference & speaks at Cornell University

May 2016: our invited review "Organelle remodeling at membrane contact sites" is published in The Journal of Structural Biology.

May 2016: read about our aging research at our recent interview with AFAR! (see grantee spotlight interview)

April 2016: Mike is named a 2016 Searle Scholar!

February 2016: Sanchari joins the lab as a graduate student! Congrats!

January 2016: our review on membrane contact sites (Hariri, et al., 2016) is accepted in the Journal of Communication and Integrative Biology!

January 2016: our fly geneticist Rupali joins the lab!


December 2015: Mike and Hanaa attend the Annual ASCB meeting in San Diego, CA, and present their work

November 2015: our lab technician Ryan joins the lab!

October 2015: Hanaa wins the UTSW Postdoctoral research contest for best poster! She wins travel funds to attend the ASCB meet in Dec.

October 2015: Mike travels to the UK to give talks at UCL and the Biochemical Society "Organelle Cross-talk" Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland

August 2015: our paper in JCB (Henne, et al. 2015) gets the cover of the Aug 18th issue! see the article highlight here. see F1000 highlight.

August 2015: our review in Current Opinion in Cell Biology (Henne & Liou, et al. 2015) is published! (link here)

July 2015: lab receives grant from the American Federation of Aging Research (AFAR)! see highlight.

March 2015: we receive our first exterior grant! Thanks to the Welch Foundation!

Jan-Feb 2015: welcome new lab members Lydia Liu and Hanaa Hariri!


October 2014: Mike is interviewed by Cell Press about his experiences on the faculty job market (see article in Cell)

September 2014: Henne Lab officially opens!