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David Hendrixson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Faculty Profile

University of Arkansas, B.S.

Washington University, Ph.D. (Mentor: Joe St. Geme III, M.D.)

University of Michigan, Post-doctoral Fellow (Mentor: Vic DiRita, Ph.D.)

Dave’s name is on the lab door, but we know everyone else really does all the work (see below). If something is broken or on fire, Dave probably was responsible. That’s why we like for him to stay in his office where he can keep the 70’s and 80’s music to himself. Outside of the lab, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and the lab mascot (see below)… and baking new creations and fantasizing about his bakery... and eating cheese… and discovering new awesome socks to wear (at least he thinks they are cool, we know otherwise).




Deb Ribardo, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Sam Houston State University, B.S.

University of Texas Medical Branch, Ph.D. (Mentor: Ashok Chopra, Ph.D.)

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Mentor: Kevin McIver, Ph.D.)

Deb’s research activities involve identifying novel components of polar flagellar motors and understanding how they contribute to forming a functional rotary motor….plus exploring any other wild ideas that we come up with in the lab. She has earned the nickname ‘MacGyver’ for her ability to fix or rig just about anything in the lab. Deb keeps Dave in check and everyone knows that she’s the one who is really in charge.




Peter Burnham

Graduate Research Assistant

Virginia Tech, B.S.

Peter is examining signal transduction mechanisms in polar flagellates that are required for flagellar gene expression and flagellar biogenesis. Peter is a news junkie, always entertaining the lab with curious and obscure facts and bits of trivia. We all look up to Peter - literally - he is by no means vertically challenged and we have no problems getting stuff on or off the top shelves in the lab.




Kyle Goodman

Graduate Research Assistant (MD/PhD Program)

North Carolina State University, B. S.

Kyle is delving into how Campylobacter jejuni recognizes in vivo intestinal niches and responds to these environments to promote activities required for commensal colonization of the natural avian host. Kyle works hard, but has time for his other great passions - progressive metal music and improving upon his 210 bowling average. He could teach us a thing or two or three about bowling, for sure! 


Tiffany Reese, Ph.D.


Will Kolar

Research Assistant

Texas A&M, B.S.

U. North Texas, M.S.

Will basically jumps in on any projects where help is needed and is usually guessing what Dave will want to do next, in addition to doing all those important things that keep the lab running smoothly. Will is always finding new things in and around the lab to like and enjoy. For instance, he often makes runs to Mike's Chicken for the lab to sustain the lab's addiction.

Tiffany Reese, Ph.D.


Lab Mascot

Fleetwood is analyzing the caloric requirements for 5 hours of fetching and tug-of-war a day, combined with a full day of sleep. He is an expert at eating and finding ANY food anywhere in the immediate vicinity. His biggest problem each day is determining which toy will be his favorite and potential target of destruction.