Amyn Habib, M.D., Principal Investigator

I am a physician scientist with a longstanding interest in signal transduction in cancer with a particular focus on glioblastoma. We are working on mechanisms of resistance to treatment targeted at receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) pathways. In particular, I am interested in the early adaptive response triggered by RTK inhibition and therapeutic approaches to overcome this adaptive response. We are also working on mechanisms regulating invasion and proliferation in glioblastoma. In recent years, our work has become quite translational and we are actively pursuing clinical trials based on our basic research.

Gao Guo, Ph.D., Instructor

I received my Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Free University of Berlin in Germany. I joined the Habib lab as postdoctoral fellow in 2014 and became an instructor in 2018. My research focuses on understanding the mechanism of resistance to EGFR inhibition in glioblastoma (GBM). I am also interested in oncogenic signaling in GBM invasion and proliferation. 

Ke Gong, Ph.D., Instructor

I obtained my Ph.D. degree in 2013 from Wuhan University, China.  In 2015, I joined Dr. Habib’s Lab as a postdoctoral fellow, and became an Instructor in 2019.  My current studies are aimed to interpret and try to overcome drug resistance mechanisms of EGFR inhibitors on lung cancer and gliomas.  My experimental approach is based on cell culture, animal models, patient data, and open cancer databases.  I would like to translate our laboratory findings into real-world applications and benefit cancer patients.  For more information on my research, please visit his UTSW profile: 

Nicole Beckley, B.S., Research Assistant

I’m a Dallas native and earned my B.S in Neuroscience from Baylor University. I am working towards a M.A. in Ethics from Loyola University Chicago.  I joined the Habib lab in March 2020. My research interests involve neurological disease progression and mechanisms of treatment. Outside of school and work I enjoy watching hockey, cooking and exercising.‚Äč