Dr. Grinnell founded UT Southwestern's Program in Ethics in Science and Medicine in 1998 and served as program director from 1998-2004. The program's goals are to gather, distribute, and publicize ethics-related research and educational activities at UT Southwestern, bring together individuals interested in ethics, develop new initiatives, coordinate teaching activities, and develop and promote educational activities with other institutions in north Texas.

Currently, Dr. Grinnell and Tom Mayo, J.D., of SMU coordinate the North Texas Bioethics Network.

Dr. Grinnell lectures on bioethics and the philosophy of science. His lecture topics include:

  • Research Integrity and Everyday Practice of Science
  • Human Research Ethics and Genetic Medicine
  • Science and Religion: Different Ways of "Practicing" the World
  • Charles Pierce: Discovery and Abduction
  • Niels Bohr: Complementarity in the Social World
  • The Meaning of Objectivity