Noteworthy News

Mateusz Durbacz joins UT Southwestern for graduate school!


Just published :

2020   Akella, R.Drozdz, M. A.Humphreys, J. M.Jiou, J.Durbacz, M. Z.Mohammed, Z. J.He,H.Liwocha, J.Sekulski, K. “Goldsmith, E. J. “A phosphorylated intermediate in the activation of WNK kinases.” Biochemistry 59, 1747-1755.


New Grant Awarded:

RP190421 CPRIT Goldsmith (PI) “Inhibitors of a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Signature Gene Kinase) (9/1/2019-8/31/2022) $109,000

The goal of this project is to build upon a screening study of 230,000 inhibitors to find improved inhibitors of WNK1, a kinase that was revealed in a study looking for signature genes for triple negative breast cancer.