Long term goals of Dr. Adi Gazdar's research efforts are to determine molecular and genetic basis of human cancers, and to develop molecular insights to provide prognostic and diagnostic therapies in the treatment of human cancers.

Gazdar Lab Group Photo

Research efforts in his laboratory are aimed at in-depth molecular and genetic analysis of primary tumors derived from human cancers, and the in vitro established tumor cell lines.

As the Head of Tumor Cell Biology Section at the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Gazdar collected, catalogued, and analyzed more than 2,200 human cancer specimens with an emphasis on lung cancer and lymphomas. As professor of pathology at the Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, his efforts resulted in the collection and analysis of more than 2,500 human tumor specimens as well as the establishment of more than 21 breast tumor cell lines.

Dr. Gazdar's current efforts are directed at elucidating the molecular events preceding the onset of invasive cancers and the development of molecular technology for early detection of cancers. He has been an author of more than 450 research and invited publications as well as three medical textbooks. His greatest thrust has been in lung, breast, and cervix cancers.