Molecular Cooperativity

Cooperativity broadly manifests itself from biology to society. Biology uses the language of non-covalent chemistry and supramolecular self-assembly to communicate to each other and the outside environment. In materials science, non-covalent self-assembly offers a versatile and modular strategy in generating functional architectures that often display dynamic, cooperative behaviors in response to environmental stimuli. Recently, our lab has discovered several unique cooperative systems with all-or-nothing bistable states without intermediates. In one example, an anti-Hofmeister trend was shown where chaotropic anions induced 'phase out' of cationic block copolymers in contrary to 'phase in' for protein solubilization. In another example, hydrophobic micellization drove divergent proton distribution of transistor-like ultra-pH sensitive nanoprobes with a Hill coefficient of 51, by far the largest reported in the literature. We are using these systems to learn how the alphabets of self-assembly (e.g., hydrophobic, hydrogen bonding and electrostatic interactions) are constructed together to create the 'language of cooperativity'.

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