May 2017 News

RHOA GEFs regulate long-range intercellular communication during collective cell migration

Effective collective cell migration depends on delicate tuning of cell motility forces and cell–cell communication. Coordination between these processes is regulated, among several pathways, by a family of proteins called the Rho family GTPases. By design of quantitative measures that encode the dynamics of collectively migrating cells in space and time, Assaf Zaritsky, Yun-Yu Tseng, and colleagues identified a surprising role of the Rho GTPases RhoA, RhoC, and their upstream activators in mediating long-range transmission of guidance cues. Their results were published this month in the Journal of Cell Biology.

The project was initiated jointly with Alan Hall, the founder of the Rho GTPase signaling field who tragically died in 2015.

The Journal of Cell Biology, published by The Rockefeller University Press, is the leading peer-reviewed journal for cell biology.

 assaf zaritsky description of research