Photo Gallery

Chen Lab Group Photos

Chen Lab, 2005 
Chen Lab, 2007 
Chen Lab, 2011 
Chen Lab, 2011 
The Chen Lab welcomes Zhi-Rong and has their first group lunch in Dalls, 2016 
The Chen Lab bids Arnaldo farewell and welcomes Pratima to the lab, 2016
The Chen Lab welcomes Ruihui and Christy to the lab, 2016 
Chen Lab alumnus Rui and graduate student Nathalie from Hopkins visit UT Southwestern, 2017 
The Chen Lab, 2017
The Chen lab meets for a holiday lunch and welcomes Ben and Sophia to the lab, 2017.  
The Chen lab goes out to lunch to welcome Santosh and Zhou to the lab,2018. 
The Chen Lab goes out to a holiday Lunch, 2018