Clinical Trial Focus

The Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center conducts state-of-the-art clinical trials  in the field of cardiovascular diseases. 

Our  renowned faculty  encompasses a broad range of disciplines within the field, with extensive clinical trials experience investigating new drugs, procedures, and device-based therapies in order to provide the latest technologies directly to our patients.

The CCRC is poised to contribute significantly  to finding innovative ways to manage  the damage caused by heart disease – and reducing the far-reaching impacts it inflicts on the lives  of those affected in our community. We’re  pursing  an advanced scientific and clinical research agenda, enabling the CCRC and its physicians to offer patients access to advanced clinical therapies  that would otherwise not be available.


Every person’s journey is unique, and what motivates you or any individual to volunteer to participate in a clinical trial is also unique.  The CCRC has summarized some of common reasons patients volunteer to participate in a clinical trial:

Access to treatment currently unavailable to the general public

A thorough physical examination, often including lab work, EKG, comprehensive screening and other tests all at no cost

Participation will help make new medication and treatment options available to others

Services Offered

  • UT Southwestern garners over $400 million a year for research
  • We partner with industry in high-quality, cost-effective clinical trials, that transform cardiovascular medical care.
  • We provide our patients access to cutting edge clinical research opportunities at UT Southwestern's William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital and at Parkland Memorial Hospital.
  • Our research team is available to answer your questions and concerns about current and upcoming trials, and offer you participation in the trial that best fits your needs.