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p53 activity is selectively licensed in the Drosophila stem cell compartment.

Wylie A, Lu WJ, D'Brot A, Buszczak M, Abrams JM Elife 2014 3 e01530

Mei-p26 cooperates with bam, bgcn and sxl to promote early germline development in the Drosophila ovary.

Li Y, Zhang Q, Carreira-Rosario A, Maines JZ, McKearin DM, Buszczak M PLoS ONE 2013 8 3 e58301

Recombineering homologous recombination constructs in Drosophila.

Carreira-Rosario A, Scoggin S, Shalaby NA, Williams ND, Hiesinger PR, Buszczak M J Vis Exp 2013 77

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