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Michael Buszczak was born in Connecticut and lived in a number of places while growing up. He received his B.S in Biology and English from Tufts University, where he worked in the lab of Dr. Susan Ernst. After graduating, he worked for two years as a technician in Doug Melton’s lab at Harvard University. From there, Mike moved to Yale and conducted his graduate work with Dr. Lynn Cooley studying Drosophila germ cell development. 

As a post-doctoral fellow, Mike continued to pursue his interest in germ cell biology in the laboratory of Dr. Allan Spradling lab at the Carnegie Institution for Science. 

Dr. Buszczak joined the Department of Molecular Biology at UT Southwestern in 2007.

The Buszczak lab studies germ cell biology and mRNA translation, using both human iPS cells and Drosophila as model systems. His group is particularly interested in how RNA binding proteins influence gene expression programs during germ cell differentiation and in the communication that occurs between germ cells and their somatic cell neighbors. Members of his group are working on developing in vitro platforms for studying human germ cell biology. In addition, the group has developed an interest in ribosome homeostasis and how changes in the balance between ribosome biogenesis and turnover influence cell fate decisions.