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Seoyeon Jang

Seoyeon Jang

I study whether specialized ribosomes exist in different cell types. I am using Drosophila to characterize ribosomal protein paralogs that exhibit enriched expression in germ cells.

Chunyang Ni

Chunyang Ni

I’m interested in the heterogeneity of ribosomes and its contribution to cell fate determination. Currently, I’m working on characterizing “old” versus “new” ribosomes, and uncovering the potential regulation of ribosome aging.


Marianne Mercer

I am interested in fertility and germ cell development. I am currently characterizing novel gene CG14545 in Drosophila melanogaster to determine its role in female germ cells. 


Garrett Kimble


Jungsoo Han

Lab Manager

I am developing a platform for in vitro gametogenesis using human iPSC via PGCLC induction.