Top Tier Services

BICF top tier services include the fellows program, program development, collaborations, and flagship projects. These are more formally defined relationships, centered on defined research activity.

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Fellows Program

The Core has up to 10 slots for postdoctoral trainees and graduate students to physically spend a defined period of their research time at UT Southwestern in the Core facility. While the overall scientific supervision and salary support will remain the responsibility of the Fellow’s mentor (not BICF), the Bioinformatics Fellows Program allows trainees to immerse themselves in an environment where they work under expert guidance and interact with peers who study similar problems. For more information please see Bioinformatics Fellows Program.

Program Development and Collaboration

The BICF provides support for the UTSW research community through a variety of activities: 

  • Biostatistical and custom data analysis: Services include experimental design, power estimation, data cleaning, statistical analysis, figure generation, and technical writing (grant proposal or manuscript support).With experience in bioinformatics, statistical modeling, and software development, we can build custom analysis tools to fit your data.
  • Data management: BICF can assist with front and back end design and implementation of interactive web applications and the underlying databases. We also help investigators solve problems concerning data acquisition, management, and analysis.
  • Web development: BICF provides web-based databases and builds user-friendly interfaces that can replace the Excel-based document environment. 
  • Custom data analysis tools: With experience in bioinformatics, computational methods, statistical modeling and software development, BICF can build custom analysis tools to fit your data.
  • Grant proposal development: Investigators may utilize foundational and top-tier services as a main data analysis component for research projects. The BICF team can assist with grant proposal development by providing letters of support, scope of work and budget for the research team's interaction with the Core. 

Please see Resources for tools that are made available to both the public and the UTSW research community. 

Flagship Projects

The BICF may undertake or provide support for projects that have broad institutional benefit and fulfill institutional strategic goals. One such recent flagship project is the university-wide Clinical Genomics initiative that provides state-of-the-art genetic analysis to facilitate and personalize patient care. 

To engage any of the Foundational or Top-Tier BICF services, please contact the Director, Venkat Malladi