Infrastructure Development

The BICF is devoted to the development of software platforms that increase accessibility of data management and analytical tools across UTSW and beyond.

Over the past few years, the BICF has invested resources in four flagship projects including:

  • Development of a complete bioinformatics pipeline and annotation/decision-support software for the clinical NGS program
  • Bioinformatics-pipeline for UTSW’s Microbiome Core
  • Development of the Kidney Cancer Explorer as a prototype pan-cancer data commons and clinical decision support system
  • Launch of UDAWS as a framework for deployment of bioinformatics pipelines across the UTSW research community.

Emphasis over the upcoming 5 years is anticipated in the following areas:

Pan-cancer Data Commons: The BICF developed the Kidney Cancer Explorer (KCE) as a prototype data management system to facilitate hypothesis generation from clinical and genomic data. Using KCE’s framework, we will expand this project to create a pan-cancer data commons (PC-DC), allowing researchers to build patient cohorts utilizing integrated data analyses. 

UT Southwestern Data Analysis Workflow System: A framework to create scalable and reproducible analysis workflows using Git and Nextflow, called UDAWS. Currently these workflows are available in a point-and-click web portal for UTSW researchers and open source distributed code for anyone to execute.

Clinical NGS: A complete bioinformatics pipeline and Annotation Software for Electronic Reporting (ANSWER).