Authorship, Acknowledgement & Software Guidelines

Authorship Guidelines
How/When to acknowledge BICF CPRIT grant
Software/IP Terms

Authorship Guidelines

The BICF must charge for services rendered by staff. Charging for services does not preclude authorship on manuscripts provided by the BICF individual who has contributed to the research in a substantial way. If authorship is anticipated, it is preferably established at the beginning of the project so that all are cognizant of each other’s criteria.

Important reasons for acknowledging contributions from BICF in publications, by co-authorship or by formal mention in the acknowledgments section, include:

  1. BICF personnel are scientists. When they make a substantial intellectual and/or experimental contribution to a publication they deserve to be acknowledged just as any other co-author.
  2. The existence of BICF and other core facilities depends in part on proper acknowledgment in publications. This is an important metric of the value of most core facilities. Proper acknowledgment of core facilities enables us to obtain financial and other support so that we may continue to provide essential services in the best ways possible. It also helps core personnel to advance in their careers, adding to the overall health of the BICF and research at UTSW.

How/When to acknowledge BICF CPRIT grant

Adapt the following author funding statement when BICF staff are included as authors:

[Staff name] funding provided by Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (RP150596).

Authorship Criteria

Activities for which authorship are recommended:

  • Author should make substantive contributions to the project
  • Conception, design of project, critical input, or original ideas
  • Acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation, beyond routine practices
  • Draft the article or revise it critically for intellectual content
  • Write a portion of the paper (not just materials and methods section)
  • Intellectual contribution
  • Final authority for the approval of article

Each author should have participated enough to accept responsibility for the content of the manuscript

Other Acknowledgements

Adapt the following acknowledgement when BICF staff contributed to the research or manuscript but are not included as authors:

We thank… [staff name/initials] from the UT Southwestern Bioinformatics Core Facility, funded by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT, RP150596) for [specific type] analysis.

Software/IP Terms

All software and intellectual property developed during the collaboration or fellowship period will remain the property of UTSW and the BICF and may be made available for the broader UTSW research community to use or adapt. Licensing for software products will be in consultation with guidelines provided by the funding source and UTSW Technology and development office. Software products and versions will be made available for citation and author attribution with a DOI on BICF Zenodo Community page.

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