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Min Soo Kim

Min Soo Kim, M.S.

Operational Director
Project Manager Bioinformatics

Min Soo Kim manages day-to-day operations for the Bioinformatics Core Facility.



Brandi Cantarel

Brandi Cantarel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Cantarel is an expert in high-throughput sequence analysis including WGS/WES, RNA-seq, Methyl-seq, metagenomics and the integration of data. Her technical skills include: a) methods and pipeline development for complex data analysis, b) custom database development, and c) web development for data exploration and visualization. She specializes in working with collaborators to identify the right data and analysis for answering biological questions.

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Guillaume Jimenez

Guillaume Jimenez

Computational Biologist

Guillaume Jimenez is a software engineer with a specialization in high-throughput data management and visualization. Mr. Jimenz is developing tools for the querying and visualization of sequence data to help researchers identify tends in protocol development. He is also the lead developer for the development of a UTSW clinical annotation database.

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Jiwoong Kim

Jiwoong Kim, M.S.

Computational Biologist

Jiwoong Kim is an expert in massive data analysis, including biodata. He developed the pipeline through which BICF efficiently processes massive sequencing data.

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Jeon Lee

Jeon Lee, Ph.D.

Computational Biologist

Dr. Lee is an expert bioinformatics data analyst for various genomic experiments such as RNA-seq, pooled CRISPR screening, eCLIP-seq and MeRIP-seq data. His computational skills and research experiences also cover: 1) machine learning algorithm development for biomarker discovery of anti-cancer drugs and brain-tumor segmentation in MRI; 2) automated text-mining for EMR (Electronic Medical Record); 3) cell image analysis over drug treatment; 4) heterogeneous data fusion, e.g., RNA expression (genetic) and cell image feature (phenotypic) changes induced by perturbagens; 5) physiological signal processing and clinical event detection and/or feature extraction from the signals.

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Venkat Malladi

Venkat Malladi, M.S.

Computational Biologist 

Venkat Malladi is a computational biologist and software engineer with expertise in high-throughput sequencing analysis and reproducible software development. He is currently working on implementing and distribution of genomic analysis pipelines to facilitate reproducibility. He specializes in working with collaborators to identify appropriate data and analysis and provide biological context to results obtained.

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Spencer Barnes, M.S.

Computational Biologist 

Spencer Barnes is a Computational Biologist specializing in NGS data analysis such as RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and ATAC-Seq. He is currently working on epigenomics projects as well as assisting with incoming requests from the daily Help Desk.


Erika Villa

Erika Villa, M.S.

Computational Biologist

Erika Villa is a computational biologist and scientific programmer. Ms. Villa specializes in next generation sequence (NGS) analysis in genomics, metagenomics and transcriptomics. She is currently the lead bioinformatics analysis for the data processing of clinical samples to identify genetic variation including SNVs, InDels, translocation and gene fusions in patient samples.

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He Zhang

He Zhang, Ph.D.

Computational Biologist III

Dr. Zhang is an expert in high-throughput data analysis including sequencing based data (WGS/WES) and microarray based data (genotyping and gene expression). He specializes in GWAS, population genetics, comparative genomics and phylogenetics. His skills also include database and webserver development.


Web Development

Bo Yao

Bo Yao, Ph.D.

Senior Database Analyst

Dr. Yao is a senior developer and database designer. His work focuses on web application development. He is also experienced with and consults on data warehousing.

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Shin-Yi Lin

Shin-Yi Lin, M.S.

Scientific Programmer

Shin-Yi Lin is a full stack web developer. She specializes in web application development, database design, and database maintenance. She is currently focusing on developing clinical and genomic data management, data visualization, and analysis tool for the purposes of online sharing and improving usability.

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Qinbo Zhou

Qinbo Zhou, Ph.D.

Scientific Programmer

Qinbo Zhou is a database developer and web application engineer. Dr. Zhou specializes in website development, database design, and data management. He is currently working on developing web-based integrative analysis tools for clinical and genomics data.

Danni Luo

Danni Luo, M.S.

Scientific Programmer

Danni Luo was trained in computer science. She specializes in working with collaborators on web application development, data visualization, and pipelines implement. She is currently helping collaborators to design and get broad neuroimage analysis pipelines running and build the web application in R with shiny.


Rong Lu

Rong Lu, Ph.D.

Biostatistical Consultant III

Dr. Lu was trained in math and statistics. Her basic training includes design of clinical trials, statistical computing, generalized linear models, survey sampling methods, survival analysis, missing data analysis, principles of epidemiology,  advanced longitudinal analysis, stochastic models of infectious diseases, etc. She provides statistical consulting for medical and clinical research. 

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BICF Fellows

Gervais Henry, M.S.

Gervais Henry is a Research Fellow in Dr. Strand's Lab, Department of Urology, working on characterizing cellular heterogeneity in human prostate using Single-cell RNA sequencing.

Eslam Elghonaimy, Ph.D.

Eslam Elghonaimy is a Pos-doctoral Research Fellow in Dr. Aguilera's Lab, Department of Radiation Oncology, currently looking at factors that influence immune heterogeneity in the tumor microenvironment and exploring the tolerogenic and immunogenic mechanisms activated by radiation.

Hanzhi Wang, Ph.D.

Hanzhi Wang is an Instructor in Dr. Guo-Min Li's Lab, Department of Radiation Oncoloy, looking at irradiation, chemicals or cellular stress induced DNA Damage repair and genome instability in cancer therapy.


Jiapei Yuan, Ph.D.

Jiapei Yuan in a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Dr. Ram Mani's Lab, Department of Pathology, looking at chromatin structure and gene transcription using chromatin interaction analysis by paired-end tag sequencing (ChIA-PET).




Steering Committee

  • Yang Xie, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Departments of Clinical Sciences and Bioinformatics
  • Gaudenz Danuser, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics
  • Robert Toto, M.D. Associate Dean, Clinical and Translational Research
  • Steve Jiang, Ph.D. Vice Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology and Director, Division of Medical Physics and Engineering
  • TBA

External Advisory Board