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Open Positions

We welcome applications for multiple hires in the following positions: 

Biostatistician — Data scientist with a strong interest in machine learning and experience in genomics or imaging and biomarker associations with phenotype and demographics clinical data. Successful candidates will have interest in conquering the challenges in single-cell genomics, cell type classification, classification of samples based on diseases and disease states, optimization of treatments, prediction of outcomes and disease progression, and discovery of potential drug targets.

Computational Biologist — Computational biologist with experience in sequence analysis who will be a key interface between an NGS core and a diverse set of biomedical research labs. This position will work in a diverse set of projects including variant detection, differential expression analysis, ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq, and microbiome analysis. Applicant must have experience communicating with a molecular laboratory and possess excellent organizational skills.

Full Stack Developer — Full stack developer to work with a cross-functional bioinformatics team to design analysis interfaces for biologists and clinicians. This position will implement, extend and improve software applications and the underlying architectures. Successful candidates will be experienced and comfortable working in all stages of the software development cycle from implementing a user interface to configuring cloud services. This position requires a knowledge of Javascript, databases including SQL and no-SQL  (mongo), and other open-source tools. 

Software Developer — Software developer who can help transition prototype code into production-ready software by building an infrastructure to test software with continuous integration and testing modules. We are seeking someone who is experienced and skilled in all stages of software development (requirements gathering, design, implementing, testing and production support).