About Us

Core Extension

The BICF extends our services by partnering with researchers across the campus. Extension team members provide seamless integration of bioinformatics analysis and training for their research groups.

Neuroinformatics Core
Karthigayini Sivaprakasum

The Neuroinformatics Core, as part of the Peter O’Donnell Brain Institute (OBI) and directed by Dr. Genevieve Konopka, provides bioinformatics needs across departments including, but not limited to, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Neurology, and Neurosurgery Core. The Core, under guidance from Dr. Konopka and BICF, assist with the design and analysis of all brain-related NGS projects.

Microbiome Research Lab
Jon Gesell

The Microbiome Research Laboratory (MRL) and BICF have partnered to establish standardized pipelines for post-sequencing data analysis.

Urology, Strand Lab
Gervaise Henry

The Strand Lab has collaborated with the BICF to develop and optimize scRNA-Seq protocols and analysis workflows specifically for prostate research.


The BICF is the point of contact for the UT Southwestern U-HACK MED hackathon. The next hackathon will be November 8 - 10, 2019. To submit a project proposal, please refer to the 2019 Request for Proposals. Proposals are due at midnight, April 30th, 2019.