BICF provides expertise in developing computational solutions that resolve complexities with biomedical data processing. Serving the UTSW research community, the facility interacts with researchers in a range of formats to provide consultation, education and collaboration.


U-Hack Med 2019 

The BICF team will help host the U-Hack Med 2019 biomedical hackathon November 8 - 10. The event brings local and national computer science talent together with UTSW clinicians and researchers to deliver sophisticated solutions for complex data analytical problems.


Our Services

BICF supports researchers in the following areas: data warehousing, biostatistics, analysis of ‘omics’ data sets, bioimage informatics, IT infrastructure for data-intensive projects and a Bioinformatics Fellows program. Through consultation, collaboration and education we facilitate cutting-edge biomedical research and help our collaborators become more computationally competitive.

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