BICF provides expertise in developing computational solutions that resolve complexities with biomedical data processing. Serving the UTSW research community, the facility interacts with researchers in a range of formats to provide consultation, education and collaboration.


U-Hack Med 2020 Gap Year

The Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics, is offering internships for students taking a COVID-19 related gap year or who need a virtual opportunity to fulfill internship course requirements. The internship provides an exciting way for students to engage in longer hackathon-inspired projects.


Our Services

BICF supports researchers in the following areas: data warehousing, biostatistics, analysis of ‘omics’ data sets, bioimage informatics, IT infrastructure for data-intensive projects and a Bioinformatics Fellows program. Through consultation, collaboration and education we facilitate cutting-edge biomedical research and help our collaborators become more computationally competitive.

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