Bioinformatics Lab actively collaborates with the investigators on various projects involving bioinformatics and biostatistics. You are welcome to contact us for discussions. Below is a list of publications from our collaboration projects


  • Cardoso A. C., Lam N. T., Savla J. J., Nakada Y., Pereira A. H. M., Elnwasany A., Menendez-Montes I., Ensley E. L., Petric U. B., Sharma G., Sherry A. D., Malloy C. R., Khemtong C., Kinter M. T., Tan W. L. W., Anene-Nzelu C. G., Foo R. S. Y., Nguyen N. U. N., Li S. J., Ahmed M. S., Elhelaly W. M., Abdisalaam S., Asaithamby A., Xing C., Kanchwala M., Vale G., Eckert K. M., Mitsche M. A., McDonald J. G., Hill J. A., Huang L. Z., Shaul P. W., Szweda L. I.,Sadek H. A. (2020). Mitochondrial substrate utilization regulates cardiomyocyte cell-cycle progression. Nature Metabolism 2:167-178
  • Nguyen N. U. N., Canseco D. C., Xiao F., Nakada Y., Li S., Lam N. T., Muralidhar S. A., Savla J. J., Hill J. A., Le V., Zidan K. A., El-Feky H. W., Wang Z., Ahmed M. S., Hubbi M. E., Menendez-Montes I., Moon J., Ali S. R., Le V., Villalobos E., Mohamed M. S., Elhelaly W. M., Thet S., Anene-Nzelu C. G., Tan W. L. W., Foo R. S., Meng X., Kanchwala M., Xing C., Roy J., Cyert M. S., Rothermel B. A.,Sadek H. A. (2020). A calcineurin–Hoxb13 axis regulates growth mode of mammalian cardiomyocytes. Nature 582:271-276




  • Nakada, Y., Canseco, D.C., Thet, S., Abdisalaam, S., Asaithamby, A., Santos, C.X., Shah, A.M., Zhang, H., Faber, J.E., Kinter, M.T., Szweda, L.I., Xing, C., Hu, Z., Deberardinis, R.J., Schiattarella, G., Hill, J.A., Oz, O., Lu, Z., Zhang, C.C., Kimura, W., Sadek, H.A., 2017. Hypoxia induces heart regeneration in adult mice. Nature 541, 222–227.
  • Gao, W., Chen, C., Zhou, T., Yang, S., Gao, B., Zhou, H., Lian, C., Wu, Z., Qiu, X., Yang, X., Alattar, E., Liu, W., Su, D., Sun, S., Chen, Y., Cheung, K.M.C., Song, Y., Luk, K.K.D., Chan, D., Sham, P.C., Xing, C., Khor, C.C., Liu, G., Yang, J., Deng, Y., Hao, D., Huang, D., Li, Q.-Z., Xu, C., Su, P., 2017. Rare coding variants in MAPK7 predispose to adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Hum. Mutat. 38, 1500–1510.


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