Welcome to the Bedimo Lab

The clinical research interests of Dr. Bedimo include strategies for the optimal management of Drug-Resistant HIV Patients, analysis of metabolic Abnormalities in HIV infected Patients and effect of HCV co-infection. Presently, the latest cutting-edge antiviral therapies are available through expanded access programs, and the interested patients are offered the opportunity to join in national multicenter clinical clinical trials and novel pilot studies being performed locally.  Research is an important part of HIV care, both to learn more about how to treat this infection, and to bring the latest advances to our patients. 

Current studies include:

  • Novel therapies for patients with drug resistant HIV
  • Studies of lipid risk factors, prevention and management of dyslipidemia, lipodystrophy and bone mineral loss among HIV-infected patients
  • Analysis of the trends of Non-AIDS-defining malignancies among HIV-infected patients comparing incidences pre-and post Highly Active Anti-retroviral Therapy (HAART), and analysis of factors associated with increased risk
  • Studies of simplified combination therapy and novel immune-based therapy
  • Laboratory-based research to understand the mechanisms of dyslipidemia among HIV and HIV/HCV co-infected patients