Ewing Sarcoma

Ewing Sarcoma is a malignant cancer of bone that occurs in adolescents and young adults, and is caused by chromosomal translocations that create oncogenic fusion proteins. The most common of these chromosomal translocations is EWS-FLI1.

Ewing Sarcoma

Our lab made transgenic lines of zebrafish expressing the human EWS-FLI1 oncogene. The fish develop aggressive cancers that strongly resemble human Ewing Sarcoma at the histologic and gene expression level (Leacock et al., 2012). 

We are continuing to use these fish and related models as a platform for further genetic and chemical-genetic approaches to probe the biology of Ewing Sarcoma. This work has been generously supported by Kevin’s Ewing Sarcoma Fund and Curing Kids Cancer.