The Bench Ninja

The Bench Ninja

The Bench Ninja is a figure of mystery and romance in the Amatruda Lab.

The Bench Ninja appears seemingly out of nowhere, when the lab is empty late at night, to do experiments on your bench. You will never know he was there, however, because The Bench Ninja takes extreme care to restore the bench to EXACTLY the same condition it was in before his arrival. The Bench Ninja, who is definitely not Jim Amatruda, disappears just as mysteriously when his labors are done.

Do you have that certain sense that your bench is just a little more awesome than it was the day before? You’ve been visited by The Bench Ninja!

Many people consider it good luck to have their bench used by The Bench Ninja. A few others, who let’s face it have no sense of humor or adventure, get super-annoyed if their pipettors might have ended up on a different bench, which is so not a big deal, or if there might be a small number of empty tubes, unlabeled solutions, used Petri dishes, dried-up gels, or buckets of melted ice on “their” bench.