Monday March 30, 2020

Session 1: Acute Liver Failure: Overview and Mechanisms of Liver Injury

Moderators: Brendan McGuire, MD (UAB) and William M. Lee, MD (UTSW)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
8-8:10 am Welcome and Introduction Brendan McGuire, MD
8:10-8:30 am Acute Liver Failure and ALFSG William M. Lee, MD
8:30-8:50 am Patterns of Liver Injury Neil Kaplowitz, MD
8:50-9:10 am Clinical Phenotypes of ALF Raj Reddy, MD
9:10-9:40 am Histopathology of ALF David Kleiner, MD
9:40-10:00 am SIRS and the Role of Infection in ALF Ariel Feldstein, MD
10:00-10:15 am Discussion  

Session 2: Liver Regeneration and Response to Injury

Moderators: Sanjeev Gupta, MD (Albert Einstein) and Michael Schilsky, MD (Yale)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
8-8:10 am Welcome and Introduction Brendan McGuire, MD
10:30-10:55am Overview of Basic Regenerative Mechanisms Sanjeev Gupta, MD
10:55-11:20 am Immunologic Basis of Liver Injury/Response Mark McPhail, MD, UK
11:20-11:40 am Plasma Cells and Injury in HBV ALF Patrizia Farci, MD
11:45-12:15 pm Bio-markers in ALF Mike Schilsky, MD
12:15-12:30 pm Discussion  

Session 3: Genomics of Liver Injury

Moderators: Raymond Chung, MD (Mass General) and Robert Fontana, MD (U Michigan)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
1:15-1:40 pm Genomics Overview Raymond Chung, MD
1:40-2:05 pm Genomics and Viral Liver Injury Laurent Casanova, MD,PhD
2:05-2:30 pm Genomics of Drug-Induced Liver Injury Paola Nicoletti, PhD
2:30-2:45 pm Discussion  

Session 4: Diagnosis and Evaluation of ALF

Moderators: Jim Hanje, MD (Ohio State) and Dan Ganger, MD (Northwestern University)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
3:00-3:25 pm Natural History of ALF Ken Simpson, MD
3:25-3:50 pm Workup of Acute Liver Failure: Checklist Oren Fix, MD
3:50-4:15 Case Presentation: New Diagnoses (HLH case) Shannan Tujios, MD
4:15-4:40 Causality: Determining Etiology in ALF Daniel Ganger, MD
4:40-5:00 pm Discussion  

Tuesday March 31, 2020

Session 5: Complications of ALF: Riding Out the Storm

Moderators: Dean Karvellas, MD (Univ. of Alberta) and Jody Olson, MD (Univ. of Kansas)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
8:00-8:25 am Critical Care of ALF: Overview Dean Karvellas, MD
8:25-8:50 am Hemostasis in ALF: Is There a Coagulopathy? R. Todd Stravitz, MD
8:50-9:10 am Fluids, Pressors, Kidney Injury Management Jody Olson, MD
9:10-9:30 am Discussion  

Session 6: Prognosis in ALF/Role of Transplantation

Moderator: Ken Simpson, MD (Edinburgh) and David Koch, MD (MUSC)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
9:45-10:10 am Prognostic Indices: Determining Outcomes David Koch, MD
10:10-10:30 am Designing Clinical Trials in an Orphan Disease Valerie Durkalski, PhD
10:30-10:55 am Methacetin Breath Test and Other Tools Robert Fontana, MD
10:55-11:20 am Outcomes of Transplantation: SRTR and ALFSG Justin Parekh, MD
10:55-11:20 am Outcomes of Transplantation: SRTR and ALFSG Justin Parekh, MD
11:20-11:45 am Is ALF Going Away? An Epidemiologist’s View Babak Orandi, MD
11:45-12:00 pm Discussion  

Session 7: The Future of ALF: Newer Modalities of Liver Support

Moderator: R. Todd Stravitz, MD (MCV) and Scott Nyberg, MD (Mayo Clinic)

Time Presentation Title Speaker
1:00-1:20 pm Liver support machines: Current status Scott Nyberg, MD
1:20-1:40 pm Stem cell recruitment for liver support Russell Wesson, MD
1:40-1:50 pm Discussion  
1:50-2:00 pm Final words William M Lee, MD


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