UT Southwestern School of Health Professions has several leadership responsibilities within the Medical Center. Its primary function is the academic preparation of health professionals at various levels: post-baccalaureate certificate, masters, and doctorate. In doing so, its faculty also provides structured preparation for students in clinical settings, offers high-quality patient care and client services, and takes part in ongoing research and professional development.

The mission of the School of Health Professions is to:

  1. EDUCATE – physicians, scientists, and caregivers optimally prepared to serve the needs of patients and society

  2. DISCOVER – research that solves for unmet needs by finding better treatments, cures, and preventions with a commitment to ensuring real-world application

  3. HEAL – provide the best care possible today, with continuous improvement and innovation for better care tomorrow

The Medical Center setting in which the School is located provides rich resources for achieving these goals. Highly respected basic and medical scientists are available to present special lectures and to consult and collaborate with members of the faculty. Clinical training facilities at teaching hospitals and affiliated institutions are readily available. In the outstanding academic environment provided by the Medical Center, the faculty members of the School expand their training through research and service activities.

Since the School’s administration and faculty recognize the importance of community service, they work actively to publicize career opportunities in health care, to recruit students of varied backgrounds and all races to prepare for health careers, and to respond to the changing needs of the health care workforce.

While the School seeks to provide the most suitable environment for learning, it cannot guarantee any individual’s progress or opportunities for employment.