Appropriate Treatment of Students

The teacher-learner relationship must be based on a foundation of mutual respect. Respect, in this context, is reflected in honesty, professionalism, and the prudent handling of the teacher’s power over the student. Moreover, the teacher-learner relationship is defined and limited by the educational mission and learning objectives of the School. A teacher may be a faculty member, a resident, an intern, hospital staff, or a fellow student.

Students who believe they have been mistreated have access to reasonable, fairly administered, and well-publicized policies and procedures for bringing a complaint and reaching a resolution. UT Southwestern employs various complaint and resolution procedures, depending on the substance and nature of the complaint. Students who believe they have been mistreated should contact the Associate Deans for Student Affairs within their particular School for guidance on the policies and procedures available for resolution, as well as available educational and support resources. Some complaints may be resolved informally, while others may require a more formal process. Student complaints about mistreatment in the teacher-learner relationship that are not covered by another UT Southwestern policy will be handled in accordance with the complaint resolution procedure in the Mistreatment of Students in Medicine Policy. The Mistreatment of Students in Medicine Policy is available from the Associate Deans of Student Affairs.