Before registering, both new and continuing students must consult their graduate advisers regarding specific courses and obtain approved course registrations. Permission must be secured from the appropriate instructor to enroll in classes outside the student’s major Program. Registration is completed with the Office of Enrollment Services through the Program office.

Late registration will be allowed only by permission of the instructor(s) responsible for the course or courses the student wishes to take, with concurrence of the Dean, and is subject to a late registration fee.

The typical academic load in credit hours varies with the Program and other factors. The minimum full-time registration is nine hours in a fall or spring term and six hours in the summer term. Changes in course load (adding or dropping) during a term require written approval of the student’s graduate adviser, the faculty member teaching the course and the Director of Enrollment Services (see also the Expenses section). A course may be added or dropped without record of the student’s performance only during the first 12 academic days (nine academic days for the summer term). After that time, if the student withdraws from a course, a grade of WP (Withdrew-Passing), WF (Withdrew-Failing) or W (Withdrew) will be assigned.

A student must be registered currently for the appropriate dissertation or thesis course to receive advice or direction from his or her mentor(s) during the preparation of a thesis or dissertation. A student is required to be registered during the term in which the oral defense examination of the thesis or dissertation is held.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for understanding degree requirements and for enrolling in courses necessary for their individual degree Program. Each student also is responsible for knowing University regulations regarding the standard of work and conduct required for continued enrollment in the Graduate School. If a student needs additional information, the Graduate School office should be consulted. To obtain a complete list of requirements for a particular degree, the student should combine the general requirements detailed in this section with the special requirements listed under his or her Graduate Program of choice.