Postdoctoral Scholars Training Program


A postdoctoral scholar must have recently earned a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent doctoral degree and perform research in a specialty area under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Postdoctoral training presupposes that the scholar is capable of independently executing original research under the guidance of the postdoctoral mentor. Appointment as a postdoctoral scholar is limited to six years, including postdoctoral training received at other institutions, either inside or outside the United States.

Organization of the Program

All postdoctoral scholars are enrolled in a Certificate Program that includes multiple tracks, each of which is intended to be completed in two years. Postdoctoral scholars register for three hours of course work in the fall and spring terms and two hours of course work in the summer term. The Program is organized as continuing professional training and is graded on a pass/fail system. Certificates are offered in a variety of tracks, each of which includes required course work. A certificate is awarded upon completion of 15 credit hours of training. Beginning postdoctoral scholars are enrolled in the research track, which has requirements for course work in ethics, career advancement, supervised research, and their Individual Development Plan. Additional certificate offerings include Advanced Research, Scientific Management, Bioinformatics, Cancer, and Educational Techniques.


In addition to providing postdoctoral scholars with unique experiences in specialized research and advanced course work, the Program affords access to career and professional development resources offered by the Graduate Career Development Office. Additional benefits include health insurance, retirement and other employment benefits, fitness and recreation opportunities at the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center, computer and software assistance, and the lowest campus parking rates. Most of these areas are described within the General Information site.