Program Facilities

The Rehabilitation Counseling Program has two distinguished clinical settings that serve as training facilities for students in the Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Program. The University Rehabilitation Service and the Developmental Neuropsychology Services provide high-quality, reasonably priced assessment and counseling for people of all ages. Both facilities are located inside the department, providing easy access for clients seeking services and graduate students seeking diverse and rewarding learning opportunities.

Cooperative arrangements with the Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services gives our students the opportunity to serve a diverse client base.

University Rehabilitation Service

The URS provides wide-ranging diagnostic and treatment services for people with disabilities. The URS exemplifies the rehabilitation mission of empowering clients with the confidence and knowledge they need to achieve psychological, physical, and vocational independence. We deliver services that respect our clients’ goals and interests and help them achieve their highest vision. The URS provides a range of diagnostic and treatment services, including psychological evaluation, psychological counseling, supported employment, and personal and social adjustment training.

Personal and Social Adjustment Training

PSAT is a psychosocial group experience for individuals referred almost exclusively by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and the Veterans Administration. The group meets weekly to help people find or return to employment with as much independence as possible. To accomplish this goal, most members work on eliminating or controlling behaviors that have proven detrimental in the past. They also develop new skills that will help them function productively in social and vocational settings in the future.

The group creates a safe environment where clients can explore feelings and thoughts about disability symptoms, interact with others, and share concerns about returning to or entering the workplace. Topics covered include goals and life-management skills, social skills and communication, strategic problem solving, and stress management.

Supported Employment

Supported employment services help clients with significant disabilities who haven’t been able to find or maintain employment through traditional vocational rehabilitation approaches or training programs. Through supported employment, we place clients in competitive jobs and enhance their chances for success with training and support directly related to the job.

Individual Psychological Counseling

We provide individual counseling services to people referred by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and other sources. The individual counseling process involves establishing a therapeutic relationship with the client and using various mental health and human development techniques and modalities to facilitate emotional, physical, social, educational, and career-related development.

Adult Neuropsychology Service

This service provides neuropsychological and psychological assessment, neuropsychotherapy, and individual cognitive rehabilitation with adult clients who have known or suspected neurological disorders (such as brain injuries, stroke, brain tumors, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy) and/or psychiatric disorders.