The Faces of SHP Radiation Therapy Program

UT Southwestern’s School of Health Professions attracts applicants from across America who want to be part of our dynamic, collaborative, and experiential approach to education. What you learn here will open your mind, hone your skills, and prepare you for a career rich in opportunity and reward.

Brought together in an environment that encourages academic excellence and supports an active clinical experience, SSHP students have a great deal to offer each other, both in and out of the classroom. Our graduates benefit from the academic and clinical opportunities that help them achieve at their highest potential and prepare them for successful, satisfying careers in the health professions.

You may be inspired and encouraged by these stories as you continue your academic and career journey.

Jay Dwyer


“I don’t believe there’s another profession where I could make as big an impact on another person’s life.”

Jay is a senior radiation therapist in UT Southwestern’s Department of Radiation Oncology. He received his BSRT (T), Bachelor of Radiologic Sciences and Therapy degree (Highest Achievement in Radiation Therapy) from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Norman in 1994. Read more and watch Jay’s video.

Crystal Penaloza


“It’s a very rewarding profession (radiation therapy) that I’m sure I will be in for a very long time.”

Crystal Penaloza is a student in the Radiation Therapy Program. She was pre-med in her undergraduate studies, but wasn’t sure she wanted to go to medical school, so she was pleased to find the field of radiation therapy, where she can be a health care professional, use her pre-med training, and work with patients. Read more and watch Crystal’s video.