Rehabilitation Counseling Care

University Rehabilitation Services is the vocational rehabilitation facility operated through the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling. Interns from the Program work alongside clinical staff members, providing counseling and assessment services to adults with disabilities. Faculty clinicians include Gerald Casenave, Ph.D., CRC.

Individual counseling services are goal-oriented and solution-focused, addressing employment, life transitions, disability management, and independent living issues. Individual counseling is typically scheduled in one-hour weekly sessions.

Personal and social adjustment training (PSAT) provides specific vocational self-management skills training in a group setting to help people adjust to the demands of the work world. PSAT focuses on assertive communication, stress reduction, emotional coping, and rational thinking skills. PSAT is scheduled from Monday through Thursday each week.

Group counseling provides a safe and healthy group atmosphere to practice newly developed health and self-management skills, while supporting fellow members as they learn about themselves. Group counseling is scheduled from Monday through Thursday each week.

We also provide comprehensive psychological evaluations for adults with disabilities seeking diagnostic information to guide their career and vocational planning.

Rehabilitation counseling espouses an inclusive, interdisciplinary, biopsychosocial approach that empowers people with disabilities to accept responsibility, achieve greater independence, and exercise control over personal and vocational aspects of their lives. Rehabilitation counseling values the whole person and helps people optimize their strengths and abilities while adjusting to limitations.

University Rehabilitation Services is located in the School of Health Professions building at 6011 Harry Hines Blvd. To schedule an appointment, please call 214-648-1750.