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Diversity & Inclusion

UT Southwestern strives to be a model of diversity and inclusion. We reflect the many cultures and perspectives that enable us to reach our full potential while using our individuality to deliver excellence in health care, education, and research. We Are Diverse. We Are Inclusive. We Are UT Southwestern.

Diversity Matters

Our programs are dedicated to training public health leaders in research and practice from diverse backgrounds. We believe the most effective public health research and practice includes different perspectives, backgrounds, cultural experiences, thoughts, and ideas. To create that environment, the O’Donnell School is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse student population. Learn more about UTSW Student Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity is Essential to Our Mission

Our commitment to promoting a diverse student body is pivotal in carrying out our broader mission of:

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Equitable Health for All

UT Southwestern is committed to studying the causes of inequity in health. Working with our partners, including Parkland Health and Children’s Health, and local community organizations, we develop and evaluate interventions to address disparities.

Health equity is about more than individuals or individual behavior; it’s also about history and context of places and systems. System-level factors contributing to inequities include variations in education, employment, nutrition, and safe neighborhood environments.

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Community-Engaged and Preventive Health Research

We conduct research using community-based participatory research principles such as trustworthiness, respect for diverse perspectives, and participatory decision-making to build strong ties among researchers, public health workers, and community members.

We work with our community partners on research projects to produce results that benefit their own localities as well as generate discoveries that can be more widely implemented in other areas.

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Public Policy Influence

Just as institutional and public policies impact health care delivery, policies affecting sectors outside health care, such as education, transportation, and housing, have major impacts on population health and health equity. We continue to advocate for all community members and to provide knowledge and resources they need to improve their health.

Diversity and the Community

UT Southwestern works with many organizations to connect with the communities we serve. Among our activities:

Binational Health Fair
Dr. Emmett J. Conrad Internship Program
KwanzaaFest HealthFest
Mayor’s Internship Program
STARS Summer Research Program
Hispanic-Latino Commemorative Celebration
Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration
Tribute to Veterans Celebration
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“The expansion of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts is directly correlated to the growth of UT Southwestern. In leading a cohesive campuswide DEI strategy, I look forward to partnering with leaders across campus to build greater collaboration and synergy that will ensure UTSW leverages its vast strengths and successes for the greatest impact with an emphasis on excellence, innovation, teamwork, and compassion.”

Student Diversity Organizations

Learn more about UTSW Student Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion Resources

2020 Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

President’s Council on Institutional Opportunity

The Council was formed in 2016 to engage faculty, staff, and the student body through education and training to ensure that they develop the cultural awareness competency required to effectively serve the mission of UT Southwestern.

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