BioEthics Life

BioEthics Life is online compilation of essays by medical students at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Short original essays about personal experiences at UT Southwestern Medical Center pertaining to any facet of bioethics from clinical or research ethics, professional life, public policy debates, or health professions training are accepted. Chosen essays are edited by the staff of the Program in Ethics in Science and Medicine and presented below.

BioEthics Life: Essays and Their Authors

Turner, Trevor. A Journey into Solitude. Posted July 2010.

Trevor Turner is a Dallas-native who studied science, business, and moral theology at the University of Notre Dame. His emphasis on social justice has led him to Mexico, Swaziland, and Haiti for medical initiatives since starting his postgraduate education at UT Southwestern. He hopes to visit Guatemala in the spring of his fourth year to work in public health with the Mayan Indians.

Mr. Turner plans to apply for a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He aspires to use his training to extend care to those disabled by war-related trauma in underdeveloped nations.

Gilbert, Lisa. Redemptive Medicine. Posted August 2008.

Ms. Gilbert is a fourth-year medical student at UT Southwestern. She grew up in Africa – Kenya, Togo, and South Africa. She returned to the U.S. for college, and plans to return to Africa after completing residency in Family Medicine. Ms. Gilbert believes that her experiences abroad helped give her compassion for others.

BioEthics Life: Submissions

Program staff reviews submissions. To submit an essay, please include: 

  • A brief explanation of the context, inspiration, or goal of the essay.
  • An electronic file in a recent version of Microsoft Word or WordPerfect – rich text format (rtf) preferred.