Student Diversity and Inclusion – Medical Student Programs

Latino Medical Student Association and Student National Medical Association (SNMA) members gather on the South Campus.
Latino Medical Student Association and Student National Medical Association (SNMA) members gather on the South Campus.

MS1s Welcome Lunch and Ice Cream Social

We gather the new minority students together during their first week of medical school to meet minority faculty and other minority students. We inform the students of available resources. The new MS1s meet the Co-presidents of LMSA and SNMA.

The White Coat Ceremony Family Brunch

The White Coat Ceremony Family Brunch is an opportunity for the Associate Dean to meet and educate the family members of the incoming students on the rigors of medical school. This permits the support system for the student to be well informed from the initiation of medical school on what to anticipate in terms of support.

The Mock Interview Program

The Mock Interview Program is designed to assist students in preparing for residency interviews during the fourth year of medical school. We address communication skills, proper attire, and presentation for their upcoming interviews.

The Minority Physician Mentoring Program

The Minority Physician Mentoring Program is a combined effort provided by minority faculty, alumni, the local chapter of the National Medical Association, the North Texas Latin American Physicians Association, CV Roman Medical Society, and members of the local community to provide minority mentors in every specialty to the students. These mentors permit visits to their practices and communicate about the life of physicians in practice. Mentoring brunches are held twice yearly.

Annual MLK Symposium and Medical Student Community Service Award

MLK Symposium
MLK Symposium at UT Southwestern

Each year Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is honored for his contribution to the civil rights movement. During the symposium, attendees are treated to a dynamic guest speaker and entertainment. Each year during the Symposium, medical students are honored for their significant community service involvement. 

Black History Program

The members of SNMA host a Black History Program each year. The students host a program that brings enlighten to the history of past African Americans who have a contribution to medicine. The event includes entertainment as well. 

Hispanic Heritage Week

The members of LMSA host a week long Speaker Series each year during Hispanic Heritage Week. The students select members of the medical field that have made a significant contribution to the Hispanic medical community.

Graduation Celebration

To celebrate the major accomplishment of graduation, the minority medical students plan a graduation celebration for the outgoing MS4s. The celebration is planned and hosted by students, and sponsored by the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion

Volunteering and Leadership Opportunities

Students have a number of opportunities to volunteer with programs and events that support underrepresented minority groups. The students volunteer for educational or medical programs such as HPREP, Pre-Med Conference, Viva Dallas, Kwanzaa Fest, and United to Serve

Minority Student Organizations

Minority Student Organizations are coordinated and run by the students to focus on their social and academic lives as medical students. We provide support for these organizations to function, in addition financial support for collaboration with the national chapters. The student organizations conduct volunteer activities, bring in speakers, and have social functions to promote the support of the student network.

Latino Medical Student Association members talking on the South Campus.
Latino Medical Student Association members talking on the South Campus.