Past Training Courses

The Department of Radiation Oncology offers a variety of training courses. Some past short-term training courses include:

GPU Programming for Medical Physics and Medical Imaging Research

Sponsor: Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW), Dallas, TX 75235
Place: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Course Description

Recent advances in general purpose GPU computing provide for an unprecedented increase in data processing speed for solving scientific problems using numerical methods. In particular, a number of computational tasks in medical physics and imaging can be solved orders of magnitude faster than previous methods using a GPU architecture. The complexity of GPU hardware, however, brings about a new environment with programming challenges not seen with CPUs.

This two-day GPU programming course, taught by faculty and researchers at the Department of Radiation Oncology, is designed to provide the basics of GPU programming, with an emphasis on solving problems in medical physics and imaging. Participants will learn CUDA and OpenCL programming as well as code optimization techniques. The course consists of comprehensive didactic lectures with corresponding programming labs designed to apply concepts of GPU programming to relevant problems. Lecture notes and a number of sample codes will be provided. Previous programming experience with C/C++ language is a prerequisite. Working knowledge on Unix/Linux-based system is expected for lab sessions.

The course emphasizes hands-on experience and takes place in a well-equipped computer training classroom at UTSW. Each student will have his/her own desktop computer. Every two students will have exclusive access to a dedicated NVIDIA GPU card. Multiple TAs will be available to answer questions during labs. All the course materials will be given to students. Some GPU codes developed at UTSW will also be provided. A certificate of completion will be offered at the end of the course.